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Tips and Tricks

Helpful info for when you are in doubt cooking :)

Tips and Tricks: FAQ


These are garlic, onion, or shallots. Always have at least one of these on hand.


Use them! They may seem gross or intimidating but they are great in many dishes as they do melt down quickly. Add them to dressings or even pastas for a nice salty flavor.

Baking Powder

Use this not only in your cakes to make them puff, but use them as an aid when baking. Sprinkle this on your meats and veggies when looking for them to be crispy. (i.e. chicken wings)

Baking Soda & Powder

Soda spreads. Powder puffs. Remember this and you will know which to use for cookies (soda) and which for cakes (powder).


One in front. Two behind. That is the saying of how your fingers should be. Do not be scared to hold your sharp knife firmly. Cut with confidence and always keep your nails short (unless you just have way too cute of acrylics).


There are a lot of great tools to help you with garlic. One of them is a garlic rubber. It is great if you want to keep your garlic whole without crushing it to take the peel off.

Greek Yogurt

This can be used for anything! Well a substitute for a good amount of things like sour cream, mayo, and a base for dressings. Grab the whole milk kind too. It's better in my opinion.

High Heat Cooking Oil

High heat oils are great to keep on hand for everyday cooking as these oils can reach a high heat. These include sunflower oil, avocado oil, and grapeseed oil.


You can never have too much wine! But you must be careful when adding it into cooking. A little too much can overpower a dish.

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